A Masterpiece for Business Leaders: “Values Inc.” by Dina Dwyer Owens

Paul Segreto
2 min readSep 3, 2023

“Values Inc.” by Dina Dwyer Owens is a remarkable literary masterpiece that speaks directly to entrepreneurs, business leaders, and anyone interested in creating a thriving organizational culture. Having read the book for the fourth time, I am astounded by its profound insights, actionable strategies, and compelling anecdotes that emphasize the significance of values-driven leadership, culture, and mentorship.

Dina Dwyer Owens, a successful entrepreneur herself, masterfully weaves her personal experiences and the stories of other industry leaders to present a comprehensive guide for establishing and nurturing a values-based organization. The book’s resonance with each successive reading is a testament to its timeless relevance and practical wisdom.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders will find “Values Inc.” to be an invaluable resource for building businesses that stand the test of time. Owens argues that a company’s values should be the cornerstone of its operations, transcending the pursuit of profits. By sharing her own journey with the founding of The Dwyer Group (now Neighborly) and highlighting the stories of other renowned entrepreneurs, the author convincingly demonstrates how prioritizing values creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

One of the book’s standout features is its emphasis on culture. Owens provides a detailed roadmap for cultivating a values-driven culture that aligns the workforce, empowers employees, and fosters a sense of purpose. She eloquently explains how a positive workplace culture enhances employee satisfaction, which, in turn, fuels customer loyalty and organizational success. The author’s insights into aligning values with organizational goals offer a blueprint for fostering a culture of excellence and accountability.

Mentorship, another pivotal theme of the book, is a cornerstone of effective leadership and organizational development. Owens advocates for the role of mentors in shaping the growth and success of both individuals and organizations. Drawing from her own experiences and the examples of business luminaries, she underscores the transformative impact of mentorship on personal and professional growth. The book provides actionable advice for aspiring mentors and mentees alike, making it a treasure trove for anyone seeking to foster talent and elevate leadership skills.

In conclusion, “Values Inc.” is an exceptional guide for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to build enduring organizations with a strong ethical foundation. Dina Dwyer Owens’ compelling prose, backed by real-world examples, underscores the importance of values-driven leadership, the creation of a robust organizational culture, and the power of mentorship. Having revisited the book for the fourth time, its relevance and potency continue to leave an indelible impression. I wholeheartedly recommend “Values Inc.” to anyone aiming to lead with purpose, cultivate a thriving culture, and make a lasting impact in the business world.

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