A True Story, Not of Addiction, But of Faith, Hope & Love!

Paul Segreto
5 min readOct 13, 2022


This morning I sat down at my desk prepared to share an article I had written for today’s newsletter. That is, until I completed my early-morning routine of taking a spin through my personal social media. I do enjoy reading what my friends have posted, seeing whose birthday is today, and reading through a multitude of funny and uplifting memes.

As I was wrapping up and shifting my mindset toward today’s article, I came across a post on Facebook by Greg George, long-time franchise professional, serial entrepreneur and CEO at Peach Cobbler Factory.

After reading through the post multiple times, I just knew I had to share his story here today. It needs to be shared far and wide — not for Greg’s benefit and recognition, although his story is both remarkable and courageous, to say the least — but for the benefit of others.

Greg’s story can provide hope for anyone facing the despair and helplessness of addiction. I truly believe that to be true. In today’s world, there are so many that need help. There are so many that are going through a very dark life, in many cases unknown to others. As such, Greg’s story must be shared.

Greg’s Story

I want to share a story about two miracles. My story is about a father and son. The father was a drug addict and drunk for over 45 years. The son was a drug addict for over 8 years. Both were on a path of self destruction because of addiction.

The story all began when the father picked up his first drink at ten years old and the son took his first pills in high school after a football injury. Both father and son loved the feeling they got by drinking and or drugging as it killed the pain that was either mental or physical.

So all the father knew as a boy was his daddy drank to much and all the son knew was his daddy drank to much. Both father and son only knew what they had learned from their fathers.

So after years and years of killing their individual pain there were two distinct miracles that occurred. As the father just kept on his routine of drinking alcohol and smoking weed what he didn’t know was the son was spiraling out of control. By the Grace of God both men hit tough times.

The father was relieved but at the same time was scared that his son would never recover and end up like so many that had lost hope. So the miracle happened when the son hit his bottom and the father was able to get the son into a faith based rehab center. So, while the son was away at treatment the father who had smoked chronic weed like a wild man and drank like a fish for over 45 years almost daily hatched a plan for bringing home his first born son once he completed 3 months of treatment. Being fearful of losing his son the father came up with an elaborate plan where he would remove the alcohol and drugs from his home as not to tempt his son and he would simply go out with friends to drink and use hoping to pull one over on his first born son. So, after the son was in treatment for 3 months it was time for the father to pick up his son. The night before the big day the father got drunk and stoned like never before.

The next morning the father woke up and looked in the mirror and something came over him like never before as he knew his run was over. He drove to the rehabilitation center still half drunk and on his way inside he noticed from far away there was a stranger standing at the door. When the father started to open the door to go in and get his son he looked over at the stranger and he saw the person whom he barely recognized. The stranger was unrecognizable to the father but was his actually his son who was not the same person the father had dropped off three months earlier. So the father in shock went into the treatment center and ask for the Director and ask to gather all the men at the center into the kitchen.

The father stood in front of all the men at the treatment center and looked each of them in the eye. The father admitted 45 years of drug and alchohol abuse. The father admitted he did not recognize his son standing beside him and was ashamed of himself. The father told the group he was a broken man in more ways than one. The father then told all the men in the room and his son that the night before was his last drink and or drug as long as he was ALIVE! The father admitted he was a drug addict and an alcoholic for the first time ever and the father and son walked out of the rehab center two scared but changed men. Both were more scared of living life clean and sober than they were of dying prior to this day when their miracles occurred.

So the two whom acted alike, looked alike and thought alike committed to living their lives drug and alcohol free. They teamed up to gain sobriety. They went to 90 Narcotics Anonymous meetings in 90 days. The pair that once relied on pills and booze to manage their lives started changing. Their brains started working. Things changed…life became much different for them both. They renewed their broken relationship, were baptized together and decided there was a better way.

The two miracles that happened were that those two human beings are alive today. Many people can’t and don’t overcome addiction. Drugs and booze are tearing at society, breaking up families, killing many before their time.

The reason I can tell this story of the father and son is because I am the father and he is my son. My son is almost (5) years clean and sober and I am not far behind. Sharing our miracle is very painful and embarrassing but it also is very important that others know that addiction can be overcome. God has bigger plans for us both and I tell our story so those that have lost hope in themselves or their loved ones understand there is hope and they to can recover.


To all, please share Greg’s story with someone today. I’m confident it will make a difference in someone’s life… and in many lives. Thank you, Greg for your courage and willingness to help others. It speaks volumes of the person you are!

Have a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!



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