Imagine All the People…

Paul Segreto
4 min readOct 4, 2022

Last night I read a post on LinkedIn from a person whom I noted from her LinkedIn profile is accomplished as a high-performance coach and trainer. The video on her page shows that she exudes a high level of confidence. As you might imagine, this person also has a large LinkedIn network with over 80,000 followers. I would make a calculated guess and say that she’s a people-person.

So, I was disheartened as I read through her post. She shared that she had experienced some recent health problems and had undergone an extensive battery of tests. “It’s been brutal,” she shared, “and yet, each day, I woke up and did my best for my children and for my clients.”

No doubt, she was going through a tough time. I stopped to think about how I would handle being in a similar situation. I do know my mind would be on others, and especially those that depended on me.

My daughter, Kristen’s recent experience involving a hospital stay and ensuing recovery also came to mind. Despite severe pain, her mind repeatedly turns to work and how she could help keep things running smooth in her absence.

I continued reading the LinkedIn post. She wrote…

“Unfortunately I encountered some rude, disrespectful and harsh people during this time when I was unable to respond to their immediate requests.

And it reminded me of an important truth. We all have lives outside the office, away from social media, behind closed doors and many people are experiencing hardships that we know nothing about.

Instead of making assumptions, try showing compassion and concern.

We can all be more intentional about treating people with kindness.

Wouldn’t you agree?”

I thought about the compassion and concern she was exhibiting on behalf of others despite her health issues and her feeling of being treated rudely and disrespectfully.

As I shared my well-wishes in the comments section below her post, I paused to reflect upon what I had just read. I thought about kindness, care and mutual respect, and how we’re seeing less and less of these traits in the world today. Why is that? I know, that’s definitely a rhetorical question that I won’t answer here as I don’t want to start a, long opinion-driven thread of comments and replies.

Instead, I immediately thought of John Lennon’s song, Imagine. I chuckled to myself as I thought about replacing Imagine in the song with Remember. Yes, I’m aware. Not all that Lennon refers to in his song was rainbows & unicorns in the past. But, no doubt, as I was growing up, I certainly remember more kindness, care and mutual respect than we’re seeing today.

Ironically, in my Facebook Memories this morning, I saw the following post from three years ago:

There’s so much hidden, unnoticed talent in the world and unfortunately, misused talent, as well. Imagine if all were able to be tapped for good how it might benefit all mankind. John Lennon’s, Imagine comes to mind, “Imagine all the people…”

Albeit, not about kindness, compassion and mutual respect, it did reference benefit to mankind, and the John Lennon song. Yes, imagine all the people… Imagine if all the people — all of us, and me included — made sure our actions and thoughts remained positive at all times.

Imagine kindness, care and mutual respect being the norm instead of a rare event that by the nature of being a rare occurrence that it has to be spotlighted on the evening news? What would be the benefit to all those around us? Again, a rhetorical question. Of course, there would be great benefit.

Imagine if it all carried over to everyone — pulling together — would/could it be for greater benefit? I’d say, yes, for sure. Are my thoughts [too] idealistic and/or impractical? Maybe so, but isn’t it worth a try?

And then, I saw this…

Imagine all the people… It’s easy if you try!

Have a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!



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