Quotes: A second voice that echoes our thoughts, beliefs & claims.

  1. Motivational quotes motivate, inspire and encourage.
  2. Motivational quotes energize and prompt you to take action.
  3. Positive quotes create optimism and hope.
  4. Motivational quotes give insight and wisdom.
  5. Motivational quotes offer hope.
  6. Positive quotes bring light and happiness into our day.
  7. Motivational quotes teach.
  8. Motivational quotes open the mind to see life in a wider perspective.
  9. Motivational quotes are mood changers.
  10. Positive quotes inspire you to adopt positive thinking and take positive action.
  11. Reading motivational quotes does not require effort.



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Paul Segreto

Paul Segreto

CEO at Acceler8Success Group. My goal is to be a resource for current & aspiring entrepreneurs. I strive to connect the right people, brands & opportunities!