Seeking Guest Bloggers for Acceler8Success Cafe!

Paul Segreto
2 min readDec 1, 2022


I was quoted at one of the franchise marketing conferences some years back…

“Content may be King, but it’s what’s done with the content that makes the Kingdom!”

Today, I believe this statement to be more the case than ever before.

As such, I’m seeking guest bloggers — authors & subject-matter experts along with thought-leaders, academics, and the like with focus on or related to entrepreneurship, franchising, small business, and restaurants.

Interested in writing about your brand or an entrepreneurial story? That’s great, provided it’s about a distinct point of differentiation from a typical promotional piece. Maybe you’d like to provide insight into a skillset that benefits entrepreneurs and small business owners? That’s fine, as well. As is sharing perspective and opinion on issues of the day. Self-help and mental health? About a specific demographic group? Success and failure experiences? Yes! Definitely, yes! Of course, in all instances, I will approve accordingly. If not approved, it will not be the case without first discussing with the author to possibly see if an edit or two would make the article more appropriate.

Acceler8Success Cafe is the interactive arm of Acceler8Success Group. It is centered around a Daily LinkedIn Newsletter with a growing subscriber base. The articles are shared across multiple LinkedIn Groups, on the Acceler8Success Group blog, on various social media platforms of Acceler8Success Group & its Leadership Team, and on

Plans are in place to significantly expand the reach of Acceler8Success Cafe in 2023 including white papers, infographics, videos, and finally after several false starts, a podcast! Who knows what the future will bring as we’ve already tested local in-person meetings and have actually had discussions about a brick & mortar cafe of the same brand name. It’s all quite exciting!

My goal is to provide current and aspiring entrepreneurs the information and resources necessary to succeed, and especially in today’s business climate surrounded by economic uncertainty and challenges that industry segments have never seen before. As one might imagine, the sky is the limit with any and all relevant information providing value or at the very least, to spur thought and discussions.

If you’re interested in submitting articles, of any length, and graphics, quotes, etc., or would just like to have a chat about my plans, please reach out to me here on LinkedIn or by email to I look forward to speaking with you and exploring possibilities. Thank you!

Have a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!



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