Stepping Stones of Time: Achieving Goals in a Fast-Paced World

Paul Segreto
3 min readDec 6, 2023

Time seems to fly, especially when we reflect on how it’s almost four years since the initial lockdowns. It’s astonishing to think that we’re just a few weeks away from the year’s end, making it feel like time is racing by. Consider this: we are now 23 years past Y2K, and interestingly, we are nearer to 2050 than to 1990. That’s a thought to ponder!

This observation about the swift passage of time is notable because time itself is constant. It remains unchanging with its fixed seconds, minutes, hours, and days. What varies is our utilization of time.

I’m inclined to think that time seems to speed up when we achieve our goals. It’s akin to hopping from one stone to another across a stream, each stone bringing us closer to the opposite bank. Sometimes, this journey requires reevaluation and a change in direction, reminding me of the saying, “Change the plan, but not the goal.”

With each progressive step or leap, we move nearer to our aim. This progression can accelerate our pace, driven by the growing sense of accomplishment. Navigating each “rock” becomes smoother, and reaching our goal fuels us to pursue more, setting new targets.

However, when we fail to meet our goals, time seems to slip away even more rapidly, leading to a sense of wasted time. This failure breeds frustration and stagnation, often followed by procrastination and denial, halting any form of progress.

Before we know it, days, weeks, or months have passed in a flash. Consider the post-lockdown era, labeled as the “new normal.” Many devised plans but failed to monitor or assess them, leaving half-baked strategies in place.

Many, particularly business owners, have grown accustomed to this new normal, often citing the need for more time or expressing belief in their unassessed strategies. This attitude might reflect avoidance of necessary adjustments, further speeding up the perception of time.

Imagine if time and goal management were like receiving a monthly bill. Such a bill would specify a timeframe for achieving goals, with deadlines for progress, penalties for delays, and a final date for accountability and change. Extensions could be granted, but with clear conditions and limitations.

As we approach the end of the year and look ahead, it’s crucial to reassess our goals. An honest evaluation should include a progress percentage and an outline of what remains, setting firm deadlines for each objective. Goals that no longer serve a purpose should be considered closed.

The metaphor of rocks in a stream as bills for goals is apt. Each rock represents a tangible step towards a goal, with the risk of goal termination if not reached. Applying this principle to our future and remaining 2023 goals is vital, especially as deadlines loom and time keeps ticking.

From the Author, Paul Segreto, CEO & Founder, Acceler8Success Group

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